Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Cosmetology girl problems. That's what the hash tag means. Don't worry, I don't use that phrase seriously, I just know that if one my fellow classmates was to title this blog post, she'd probably give it a name like that.

I changed my hair yesterday. Big surprise, I know. So as I was thinking upon all my many changes, I thought it would be fun to create a montage of my hair throughout school.

This was me on my first day at school. I had done absolutely nothing with my hair up to this point. I had just spent an entire summer living in a tent in the middle of the wilderness, and I was struggling to get back into the whole doing-your-hair thing. Thank goodness I have curly hair! That pretty much saved me.

My first item of business? Cut the mullet. As pixie cuts grow out, they tend to get very heavy and bulky in the back, thus giving the mullet effect. Very un-cool. If you're gonna grow yours out, you gotta stay on top of the mullet!

This is sad to admit... but a lot of my friends don't remember what my hair looked like when I first started school. They can picture me as elastagirl with the bob, but that's pretty much it.

 Once I had gotten it cut, the most obvious thing to do next was to play around with the color. Highlights!

Wanna hear something reeeeally sad? My friends admit that they don't remember me AT ALL when my hair was in the bob. 

So off with the bob! I needed a pixie cut again. Even if my hair is just a short bob, if there's too much covering my ears, I'll hide behind it. Weird, I know.

 I kept up with the blonde. I have never been really blonde, and this was dead of winter, so I think I was trying to hold on to summer a little bit.

A month or so went by, my hair grew a little bit, and I added more blonde. I think this is the most blonde I've ever been, and it didn't take long for me to decide that I don't really look that good blonde.

Back to brown! With a stop at red on the way. This was in February. On the 13th, to be exact.

What I really wanted was a nice chocolate brown. It got pretty dark!

Then for more chopping! Bring on the Emma Watson!

 I went the entire summer keeping up the dark brown, and once autumn came, it was time to hold on to summer using a lighter hair color. This was pretty spontaneous. I just randomly decided one day to bleach my hair. Worst. Idea. Ever. I bleached it, and it turned orange. Tried to tone it, and it turned green. Added some red to combat the green. Turned red, green, and brown. Bleached it again, back to orange. Added some blue/violet with a little yellow/orange so it wouldn't turn green again, and I got... brownish/goldish/orange? I actually love this color, and I was glad I did it in the end. It turned out a total accident, but I was fun!

And this is my hair as of today. I colored it a tad darker, and it has a lot more copper/red in it. I also cut it again. Don't worry Mom/Holly! If you don't like the color, I still have plenty of time to change it before the wedding ;)

Thursday, October 18, 2012


 He's not even one day old yet, but I'm already obsessed with him. This is the first of my sister's babies that I haven't been able to hold and cuddle with right after he was born. It's killing me! I want to be in Michigan right now.

Look! He's waving at me. I must be his favorite aunt...

I love this picture. This is just the cutest bunch of kids I have ever seen. I love them!

Apparently Andi is having her world rocked with this new baby, but she seems to enjoy rubbing his head. I'm sure they'll all get along, and be the cutest family in the world!

I miss you guys! I wish I was in Michigan with you! Only a couple months until I get to hold this little guy!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Life Was Good

 I got to see my parents last week! It was wonderful seeing them again. I thought I'd grow out of this eventually, and want to be independent and live away from my family, but I actually miss living at home. Life was so much easier. I didn't have to pay for food, or gas, I had wonderful friends, I had more money, life was real easy. I just wish I could go back and live it all over again. I wouldn't stress out nearly as much as I did. I'd just enjoy life while it was easy and stress-free :)

Anyways, it was great seeing my parents. Dad took us to a BYU football game. We won :)

Dad looked pretty legit on the motorcycle. He even took me on a ride! I used to hate motorcycles, and I still don't love them, but again... I shouldn't have stressed out so much about those sorts of things when I lived at home. Live a little! Nowadays we have very popular saying, "YOLO!" which means "You Only Live Once". Kind of dumb, yeah. I prefer Carpe Diem, but everyone just looks at you funny if you say that...

I took my wonderful friends Vanessa to General Conference with my family. Both of us have gotten pixie cuts while at school, and we love them. She is definitely one of my best friends here, and we go everywhere together. Sometimes I worry that people think we're... you know, together. Two young short-haired girls wandering around together laughing, occasionally holding hands...

I ate meat this week! I've decided that it's time to start introducing it back into my diet. I struggle to find ways to get enough protein, and without protein, I just eat and eat and eat and never get full. It's bad. But what a better way to get back into the meat-eating habit than by downing a greasy double-double from In-N-Out?

It's halloween at Aveda, and today we had a competition for scariest halloween updo. Only two of us competed. I created the wonderful masterpiece:

It's uuuhhhh... well, let's just say the devil horns didn't turn out as scary as I thought. But it was fun to do!

So now we come to the news that is completely rocking my apartment-world:

Two of my roommates are leaving on missions in the winter. One of them is moving out at the end of this month to save money. The other one is selling her contract after this semester and also moving home to save money before she leaves. I am so sad. But I am also very excited for them! They both get to be a part of the huge missionary boom that I am sure is about to happen. They'll have such wonderful experiences, and see great things, and be so happy, and leave me here with new roommates that I won't get along with, and I won't have any friends anymore, and my life will suck :(
I had just gotten settled in, and felt so good about my roommates. Well that was short-lived.

Also, winter is coming. It's getting colder, and all of the excessive hand-washing at work is drying my hands out. I have to put bag balm (udder treatment for cows) on my hands at night.

Well. Life was good for a while. And will still be good for a little bit. I still have time with the roommates I have now. We'll just make the most of our time together! Last night we went to chili's and I had a Margarita.... a virgin Margarita of course. It had a sugared rim and everything! Hopefully I'll get lucky with my next roommates, and they'll be just as awesome as these girls were.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thumbs up!

Thumbs up! This was a good week! I spent a lot of time at work, made some tips from school, and spent time with my friends.

 Last week we experimented with putting beer in our hair at school. It's supposed to swell the hair, and give it more volume. Can't say it really worked on my short hair, but some of the other long haired girls noticed a huge difference. So if you want some great volume before a dance or special occasion, wash your hair with beer the night before.

I can't believe how well all of us roommates get along. We spend many nights up late talking, pranking, running around, and participating in the general college atmosphere.

 Today at school we took a field trip up the canyon. It is so beautiful right now. All of the leaves are turning, it's in the 70's during the day, and it feels like fall! My roommates are very festive and the whole apartment is decorated in cobwebs, skulls, pumpkin candles, etc... I love autumn. And I think Halloween might be my very favorite holiday.

 I remember visiting these falls almost a year ago when I first came to Utah. Can you believe that it's been a year? It went by so incredibly fast, it feels like I got here just yesterday.

 It was great spending some time outside, taking pictures and goofing around with friends.

Here's most of my Aveda class. And one of our classmates, Lauren, is having an "Aveda Baby" as we call it. We are SO excited for her.