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I'll never understand why Aveda refuses to give us days off, but I went ahead and took Monday off anyway. It's my last phase, I thought, I'm just gonna have fun! So I spent a night down at Gared's family's Cabin... is that punctuation correct?

It was refreshing to get out of Provo and into some mountains. Seriously, the pollution this winter has been terrible. Some mornings when I'm heading to school, pollution that has frozen during the night starts to fall in the form of small, dry, flakes from the sky. It's disgusting. The air is extremely hazy, and visibility sucks. And to think that I'm breathing all of that into my lungs!
Anyway. It really was nice getting out of Provo and breathing some clean air for a minute. 

It even felt a little warmer out.

 We spend the entire day sledding on Monday. I had the privilege of wearing this beautiful snow suit. It kept me quite warm :)
I wish that I had some pictures or videos of us sledding. It was some of th…

What a week!

Wow, it has been quite a week. Christmas and New Years are over, and they were absolutely wonderful. I got to spend a lot of time with some old friends, which was total luck. I had no idea that they were planning on coming down to Texas this year, so it was wonderful seeming them again. I got a good long break, nearly two weeks, then I had to be back to the big ice block. Utah is literally frozen right now. It's terrible. Most days don't get above 5 or 6 degrees.
But, I am happy to be back at school. New phase, our last phase actually, new year, new apartment, and also new hair...

 What a better way to start off 2013 than with bright orange hair?

I was excited, as you can see from the black and white photo, but not as enthused with the final result. It was supposed to be a nice copper blonde... I did manage to fix it, and it looks much better now. No need for the hat anymore hahah.

So I arrived in Salt Lake from my break on a Thursday. The following Thursday, I was back on a…

Welcome to my humble abode

Jenna got home last night, and look at this beautiful gem she brought back from her home in MD. A picture of me when I was 15. Don't I look like I belong in Led Zeppelin?

Now for a tour of my new apartment, starting at the front door. The apartment is divided into an upstairs and a downstairs, which makes it feel a little more like a house. I love it.

 The lovely kitchen, where I am currently cooking some Minestrone soup.

 It's not as good as Mom's, but not bad for my first time!

 Here's our wonderful bedroom. The beds are very high, and I have to jump to get on top of them, but the mattresses are really nice. Not like the rocks at Raintree.

We have two fairly spacious closets...

...and a lovely view out the window! As well as a very bright florescent lamp. We're getting curtains soon.

 And now we get to the best part. This, my friends, is a fitness center. I am SO happy I won't have to run in the cold :)

 That's it! It's nice, it's roomy, it'…