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I was reflecting recently on all of the fun Thanksgivings that I've had. In particular I remember the Thanksgiving at Gared's cabin, I had such a fun time that year. Last year, Vanessa and I were the penniless loners with no family in town, and we went hiking and moose searching on Thanksgiving, and then enjoyed our meal at Cracker Barrel. I had blueberry pancakes. That was a very fun Thanksgiving as well.

Well this Thanksgiving definitely makes the top 5. It felt to good to be enjoying the day with my parents. Mom's cooking is always the best (I did help out a little bit this year... after some coaxing) and to top it all off, Dad and I got to go see the Cowboys beat the Raiders! We've always wanted to go to a Cowboys game, and we had so much fun, I think it may become a tradition!

The stadium is staggering. It's so HUGE. And the jumbo tron can be overwhelming as well.  

 Selena Gomez performed during the half time show. I had always wondered what they did for ha…