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My Dream Wedding

Last night I had the craziest dream. I dreamed that I was getting married. I wore a big, poofy white wedding dress (it didn't look ANYTHING like what I hope for in real life), but it was still kind of pretty. All my sisters and family members were there, and I was excited and stressing and worrying about having everything that I needed (I'm not even sure today what all those "things" were, but I was nevertheless quite stressed about it).
We got to the temple (it wasn't a specific temple, just some random temple), and went into the dressing room when I suddenly realized, I had no idea who I was getting married to! I turned to Mom and said, "Mom, is it normal to forget who you're marrying on your wedding day?" to which she replied, "yes, honey, totally normal." Just as I was leaving the dressing room, on my way to go get married, on my way to find out who I was going to marry– my alarm goes off. I guess I'll never know who I almost marri…
A lot of exciting things have taken place in the last couple of weeks! For starters, I got a job. Wahoo! I searched and searched everywhere for something that would work with my school schedule, give me sundays off, weekends off every now and again so I could drive down to Fort Worth, and something that would allow me to earn enough money. That's a long checklist, I know. But I felt confident that because I have a skill that is actually in demand for once in my life, I might have a little more say with potential employers. I had many, many interviews. That is also a first. It used to take me weeks and weeks to get just one interview. And I finally found the right one. I can already tell that this job will test my skills in several different areas (some of them not even hair related), but I am certain that it will be a very good thing in the end.

This week I had my second round of exams. I cried a couple times. Don't worry, it's pretty normal for me to cry during exam week.

Unfortunately I have ZERO pictures this week because I restored my phone to the factory settings versus the "backed up" settings. Whoops.

My grandmother, Nanny, visited Texas last weekend. Her visits are an unusual occurrence, so if she's gonna make the trip, you know it's for something big (wedding, or new baby usually). Well, last weekend, we went to something BIG. Like AT&T stadium big. She took Mom and Dad and me to the UCLA vs. UT game held in Arlington.

Now, I have been known to root for the Longhorns in the past. This was when I was young and ignorant and thought that orange was an appealing color. But now, as a proud member of the fightin' Aggies (WHOOP!), I'm pretty much expected to hate the guts of UT. So of course I rooted for the Bruins. Still, prior to the game, I had no personal reasons to dislike anyone belonging to that school. Well lemme tell ya, I've got a whole list now, and top of that list is the fans. They were SO obnoxious, it w…

A Very Good Week

Mr. Yates! One of the great friends I made this summer working at Head of Dean. He is among the very small handful of individuals that I know out here in Aggieland, and he has been a tremendous help this first week. I saved a butt-load of cash by not buying books this year, because Yates told me never to bother with them. "The library has everything you need!" And so far, everything has gone super smoothly, and I don't own a single textbook. Also, he let me borrow his $60 iClicker for the whole semester in exchange for a couple haircuts. Boomshakalaka. 
First week of classes = success. I like all of my classes, except for math. But I knew I'd probably dislike it going into it. My Computer Prof. is hysterical. He's a little older, with a thick Texas accent and a handlebar mustache. He goes off on some rather interesting tangents, and I get the feeling everyone else is either not listening, or annoyed that he's discussing something entirely off topic (today the …

Catch Up

Well it seems I have a bit of catching up to do on this blog...

I made many good friends this summer. It really was remarkable how well we got along. It didn't take long at all before we felt like family. A few of them even trusted me to cut their hair ;)

I ended the season feeling much more accomplished and happy about some of the things I did out here. I really tried hard to take advantage of the spectacular hikes around me on my days off. I summited two peaks this summer, one of which was a bucket list item, and I visited other camps, and got to know some other staff members. I wanted to learn how to play ultimate frisbee, and I wanted to be decently good by the end of the summer. In almost all of our spare time at HoD, we tossed the disc. And I actually improved by the end of the summer! Enough that I'd like to find a club team to play with down here at A&M.
In other ways, I left Philmont feeling like I hadn't quite done enough. This summer was different from the o…


My, my, how every month seems to just fly by. This month I got to spend time with my whole family. Together. At one time!

We spent Mother's Day weekend in Michigan. Our first day there was a temple day. Everyone (except me, grr) got to do some work for my grandparents. I heard that it was quite special and a very happy experience for everyone. No, of course I'm not jealous or anything... ;P I did get to join a youth group that came in to do baptisms, so that was nice. I was glad I could contribute in some way!

Caroline and David performed a special musical number during sacrament meeting the next day, and they did wonderfully :) It was fun having all the family spilled over 2 rows at church. Our family just keeps growing!

That evening we spent time lounging around outside next to the fire pit, enjoying s'mores and good company :)

On the way to the temple on the first day we passed by this huge church. It looked just like an old English cathedral (not that I've ever se…


Wow the months are flying by. I think college has something to do with that, and the fact that Texas has warmer seasons. Everything seems to drag when it's cold.

Finals are coming up. They are next week to be in fact. After next week, I will officially have completed my freshman year of college :) I feel a little old to be saying that, but it's never too late to start, right?

In two weeks I will be completing my last week at the hair salon. I have tentative plans with the owner to come back to work one or two Saturdays a month after Philmont. If all goes well with A&M and I am accepted, I'll only be living 3 hours away in College Station. That's an easy drive once a month, and I don't have a heart to leave this salon completely. It has been one of the best jobs ever. I have a small handful of loyal clients who I will miss so much!

So I will be spending the next few weeks preparing for Philmont! I just bought a small solar charger for my phone so I'll be ab…


I think February should be renamed "Bipolar Month" in Texas. First it was freezing, then it was in the 70's, and this week it supposed to get cold again. We got some snow early on, and as you can see it was not the best snowman making material. But Dexter and I did the best we could. We basically used a sand castle method, and packed the snow together using a bucket, since it wasn't sticking very well. Here's our attempt. Caroline thinks it looks more like stacked toilet paper rolls :[

Because of the cold, a lot of our dates earlier this month were held inside. We got a little crafty and made some tie dye shirts. These are probably the best dyes I've ever used. We got them at HobbyLobby for pretty cheap, and they come in little spray bottles. The dye is super pigmented, but it washes off your hands real easy. After you've applied the dye, you hang the shirts to air dry, then you put them in the dryer, and then you wash 'em and wear 'em! Easy peas…


I was crying around this time last year. Literally, everyday I shed a few tears because of how cold I was. January is brutal in Utah. But here... January treats Texas a little more kindly.

January is Stock Show and Rodeo month! Dad and I spent a good 5 hours at the Stock Show on Tuesday. We especially loved the junior cattle shows. I was fascinated by how the judges ranked each competitor. They talked about each heifer, and which ones displayed the most "femininity" and showed the greatest potential. After all those hours of watching, I still could not pick out which ones I thought would win.

Dad and I tested out this tractor in the nearby cornfield. Just kidding, it's a screen. But it looks pretty convincing, doesn't it?

Pigs have got to be the cutest animals on earth.

And baby calves. I spent the whole day trying to convince dad that getting a miniature cow, pig and goat to keep in the front yard would be a really good idea. He doesn't agree with me.

It wa…