Sunday, January 26, 2014


 I was crying around this time last year. Literally, everyday I shed a few tears because of how cold I was. January is brutal in Utah. But here... January treats Texas a little more kindly.

January is Stock Show and Rodeo month! Dad and I spent a good 5 hours at the Stock Show on Tuesday. We especially loved the junior cattle shows. I was fascinated by how the judges ranked each competitor. They talked about each heifer, and which ones displayed the most "femininity" and showed the greatest potential. After all those hours of watching, I still could not pick out which ones I thought would win.

Dad and I tested out this tractor in the nearby cornfield. Just kidding, it's a screen. But it looks pretty convincing, doesn't it?

Pigs have got to be the cutest animals on earth.

And baby calves. I spent the whole day trying to convince dad that getting a miniature cow, pig and goat to keep in the front yard would be a really good idea. He doesn't agree with me.

It was very fitting that we visited when we did.  I had had a lecture in History class just that morning all about how Fort Worth became "big". Originally, some businessmen had contracted with the railroad company to bring the railroad to Dallas, and then on to Fort Worth. Apparently, they ran out of the funds needed to complete the project, and it stopped when it got to Dallas. This is when the Dallas/Fort Worth rivalry began. Dallas thought we were just some podunk little town that had no need for the railroad. But Fort Worth residents were so determined to get that railroad, that they raised funds to finish the project, and they sent their own laborers to work on the railroad. It was finished eventually, which really helped boom the cattle industry here. The Fort Worth Stock Yards became quite the happening place, and people from all over came to visit.

Dad and I have a tradition of eating a funnel cake every year that we come to the stock show. We don't eat funnel cake anywhere else throughout the year. Yum :)

Typical January weather in Texas means a couple of cold days (which really isn't that cold, like 40 degrees or so), and then a few days of plentiful sunshine with a high of 73. Dexter and I took advantage of one such set of days, and went for a hike around the lake. It was beautiful. I took about 90 photos. In this photo, Dexter is seen dutifully following my instructions to "stand there and look majestic".

Classes are going well, I was very happy to receive an "A" on my first paper from my crazy English Professor. Literally, he is bonkers. Work is slow. The month after the holidays always hits the salons pretty hard. The A&M application is kicking my butt...And I have no other news at present.

My cat sure can pull off the shades, right?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Harry Potter Christmas

This is basically what my Christmas looked like. Mom and Dad got me the complete 8-film Harry Potter collection. I almost died. I had almost every DVD when I lived in Utah, but somehow my DVD case got lost in the move, and all my movies were gone. Oh my goodness I was so sad. And so you can imagine my joy when I received this! Mom and Dexter and I watched all 8 movies over the course of a few days. Harry Potter overload!
I also received a subscription to Bike magazine, a Dallas Cowboys beanie, and an Eddie Aikau surf competition poster. I swear I am a girl. Though I sure sound like the son my dad never had.

Dexter got me this music box. It came all the way from Cyprus, and it plays the first few lines of "Stairway to Heaven", my favorite Led Zeppelin song. I love it. Points earned for Dexter.

I also visited my sister, Caroline, for her birthday! I love visiting Caroline and the kids. I was 13 when Caroline got married and moved out of the house, and even though she lived close by for a few more years after that, I still felt that disconnect. I noticed it with Holly, too. Both of my sisters were away when I really started to mature, and so visiting them now almost feels like we're getting to know each other again. Caroline and I got to spend a couple nights up late just talking, and it was wonderful.

Caroline also has some pretty cute kids. I sure love playing with them! I also gave everyone haircuts, and I showed Caroline some hair cutting tips. I'm not the best teacher, but Caroline still did wonderfully! She'll be an expert before long!

Guess who came all the way from the islands to visit us haoles? Kelli and Nicole! Oh my goodness they filled my ears with stories of the beach, warm weather, and wearing flip flops every day to class. I want to go to BYU-Hawaii.

Dad and I drove down to College Station yesterday, however, and a Texas school just makes too much sense. So I'll be settling down in Texas somewhere for the duration of my college education. A&M is my first choice, it has a great major, and the school is nice. It's huge. HUGE. 53,000 students. A little overwhelming. But it has an LDS institute, and a big ward, and it's only a 3 hour drive away from Fort Worth. I can come home on weekends. Texas State is probably the next school I'd consider. It's in San Marcos, not really the most happening town in the state, but it also has my major, and is not very far from home, either. Last would probably be UNT. It has a major similar to what I'd like, but it's very close to home. We'll see. Application process has begun!

I cannot neglect to mention that I FINALLY got to see this new nephew of mine. Talk about cute. Just look at that little frown! I could eat him, he's so cute. Dad and I flew up to Utah for his baby blessing, and had the best time visiting with Holly and Gared and his family. Gotta admit, Holly's got a sweet little set up in Utah. I'm a little jealous. She and Gared are so outdoorsy and cool, and they load up their baby into these off roading vehicles and drive around mountains, and it's just so cool!
During that same short stay in Utah, I also got to see my best friend, Jenna! I got to surprise her for her birthday. I had it all planned out, texted Clayton ahead of time, and she was totally surprised! It was a sunday, and both she and Clayton had finals the next day, so I didn't stay long. Just a couple hours. We talked and ate brownies and watched youtube videos and laughed just like old times :)

School begins on Monday, and I'm actually kind of excited. Wahoo!