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Wow the months are flying by. I think college has something to do with that, and the fact that Texas has warmer seasons. Everything seems to drag when it's cold.

Finals are coming up. They are next week to be in fact. After next week, I will officially have completed my freshman year of college :) I feel a little old to be saying that, but it's never too late to start, right?

In two weeks I will be completing my last week at the hair salon. I have tentative plans with the owner to come back to work one or two Saturdays a month after Philmont. If all goes well with A&M and I am accepted, I'll only be living 3 hours away in College Station. That's an easy drive once a month, and I don't have a heart to leave this salon completely. It has been one of the best jobs ever. I have a small handful of loyal clients who I will miss so much!

So I will be spending the next few weeks preparing for Philmont! I just bought a small solar charger for my phone so I'll be ab…