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My, my, how every month seems to just fly by. This month I got to spend time with my whole family. Together. At one time!

We spent Mother's Day weekend in Michigan. Our first day there was a temple day. Everyone (except me, grr) got to do some work for my grandparents. I heard that it was quite special and a very happy experience for everyone. No, of course I'm not jealous or anything... ;P I did get to join a youth group that came in to do baptisms, so that was nice. I was glad I could contribute in some way!

Caroline and David performed a special musical number during sacrament meeting the next day, and they did wonderfully :) It was fun having all the family spilled over 2 rows at church. Our family just keeps growing!

That evening we spent time lounging around outside next to the fire pit, enjoying s'mores and good company :)

On the way to the temple on the first day we passed by this huge church. It looked just like an old English cathedral (not that I've ever se…