Monday, May 19, 2014


My, my, how every month seems to just fly by. This month I got to spend time with my whole family. Together. At one time!

We spent Mother's Day weekend in Michigan. Our first day there was a temple day. Everyone (except me, grr) got to do some work for my grandparents. I heard that it was quite special and a very happy experience for everyone. No, of course I'm not jealous or anything... ;P I did get to join a youth group that came in to do baptisms, so that was nice. I was glad I could contribute in some way!

Caroline and David performed a special musical number during sacrament meeting the next day, and they did wonderfully :) It was fun having all the family spilled over 2 rows at church. Our family just keeps growing!

That evening we spent time lounging around outside next to the fire pit, enjoying s'mores and good company :)

On the way to the temple on the first day we passed by this huge church. It looked just like an old English cathedral (not that I've ever seen one, which I reminded my mom of several times while we were inside). We knew we absolutely had to go tour it on Monday. So Monday was our girls day out! We toured the church, did a little shopping, had Italian for lunch, and finished it up with some ice cream. We had a blast!

When I was younger, Caroline used to put together "Silly Sister Dates". For our first ever "date", I remember that she made a sparkly, homemade invitation, structured like a poem, describing what our date would consist of. We would often go to the dollar movies, or ice skating, or just out to get snow cones. Our last silly sister date was to the nail salon, the day before Caroline's wedding. Spending the weekend with my sisters felt just like another silly sister date :)

Monday night we also celebrated Andi's 4th birthday. She was SO happy when she blew out those candles. That girl cracks me up. She's very spirited, and she's very girly. She loves all things pink and glittery, and she spent quite a bit of time downstairs with me watching me do my hair in the morning. Also, she sticks her tongue out and spits quite forcefully when she is angry. First time I saw her do it, it added a whole new meaning to the phrase "spit-fire mad".

I didn't have my phone out quick enough, but just before I snapped this photo, Peter had been hugging little Henry. It was an adorable sight.

So Dad sold the silver beetle, the car I had been using, earlier this month. And while we were in Michigan, he happened find a replacement! It really was a good thing, because the next day, all the flights went down the toilet, and we relied on that car to get us home. Road trip, wahoo! We drove all day Tuesday, and that evening, Dad dropped Mom and I off at the St. Louis airport, and we managed to catch a flight out.

This week I am gathering all of my supplies and packing for Philmont. I'll be working at a challenge course camp this year. No bikes :( But the work that I will be doing at this particular camp fits in more with what I am studying at school. Challenge courses specifically help crews develop better communication skills, and strengthen as a team and individuals. I remember from my first year at Philmont, and the short time that I spent working at this camp, that I had the most fun facilitating challenge course. It was very demanding work, since it not only required a lot of physical effort, but also mental effort. But it was the most rewarding. Listening and analyzing how the crew works together, deciphering their dynamic, it requires a lot of close attention. And I get so excited when I finally get down the root of the problems, and sit down with a crew and explain what is going on and what they need to change in order to be functional again. It's all a giant puzzle, and I love helping them solve it!

My last day of work was last Saturday. I was sad to lock up the salon for potentially the last time. I very much hope that I can return in the fall! Finals are over. I got decent grades, and I'm crossing my fingers, hoping for an acceptance from A&M. This will most likely be my last post on this blog for the summer, since Philmont base camp does not like Blogger for some reason.

I'll keep the world updated about my adventures using!