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Catch Up

Well it seems I have a bit of catching up to do on this blog...

I made many good friends this summer. It really was remarkable how well we got along. It didn't take long at all before we felt like family. A few of them even trusted me to cut their hair ;)

I ended the season feeling much more accomplished and happy about some of the things I did out here. I really tried hard to take advantage of the spectacular hikes around me on my days off. I summited two peaks this summer, one of which was a bucket list item, and I visited other camps, and got to know some other staff members. I wanted to learn how to play ultimate frisbee, and I wanted to be decently good by the end of the summer. In almost all of our spare time at HoD, we tossed the disc. And I actually improved by the end of the summer! Enough that I'd like to find a club team to play with down here at A&M.
In other ways, I left Philmont feeling like I hadn't quite done enough. This summer was different from the o…