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Unfortunately I have ZERO pictures this week because I restored my phone to the factory settings versus the "backed up" settings. Whoops.

My grandmother, Nanny, visited Texas last weekend. Her visits are an unusual occurrence, so if she's gonna make the trip, you know it's for something big (wedding, or new baby usually). Well, last weekend, we went to something BIG. Like AT&T stadium big. She took Mom and Dad and me to the UCLA vs. UT game held in Arlington.

Now, I have been known to root for the Longhorns in the past. This was when I was young and ignorant and thought that orange was an appealing color. But now, as a proud member of the fightin' Aggies (WHOOP!), I'm pretty much expected to hate the guts of UT. So of course I rooted for the Bruins. Still, prior to the game, I had no personal reasons to dislike anyone belonging to that school. Well lemme tell ya, I've got a whole list now, and top of that list is the fans. They were SO obnoxious, it w…

A Very Good Week

Mr. Yates! One of the great friends I made this summer working at Head of Dean. He is among the very small handful of individuals that I know out here in Aggieland, and he has been a tremendous help this first week. I saved a butt-load of cash by not buying books this year, because Yates told me never to bother with them. "The library has everything you need!" And so far, everything has gone super smoothly, and I don't own a single textbook. Also, he let me borrow his $60 iClicker for the whole semester in exchange for a couple haircuts. Boomshakalaka. 
First week of classes = success. I like all of my classes, except for math. But I knew I'd probably dislike it going into it. My Computer Prof. is hysterical. He's a little older, with a thick Texas accent and a handlebar mustache. He goes off on some rather interesting tangents, and I get the feeling everyone else is either not listening, or annoyed that he's discussing something entirely off topic (today the …