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A lot of exciting things have taken place in the last couple of weeks! For starters, I got a job. Wahoo! I searched and searched everywhere for something that would work with my school schedule, give me sundays off, weekends off every now and again so I could drive down to Fort Worth, and something that would allow me to earn enough money. That's a long checklist, I know. But I felt confident that because I have a skill that is actually in demand for once in my life, I might have a little more say with potential employers. I had many, many interviews. That is also a first. It used to take me weeks and weeks to get just one interview. And I finally found the right one. I can already tell that this job will test my skills in several different areas (some of them not even hair related), but I am certain that it will be a very good thing in the end.

This week I had my second round of exams. I cried a couple times. Don't worry, it's pretty normal for me to cry during exam week.