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My Dream Wedding

Last night I had the craziest dream. I dreamed that I was getting married. I wore a big, poofy white wedding dress (it didn't look ANYTHING like what I hope for in real life), but it was still kind of pretty. All my sisters and family members were there, and I was excited and stressing and worrying about having everything that I needed (I'm not even sure today what all those "things" were, but I was nevertheless quite stressed about it).
We got to the temple (it wasn't a specific temple, just some random temple), and went into the dressing room when I suddenly realized, I had no idea who I was getting married to! I turned to Mom and said, "Mom, is it normal to forget who you're marrying on your wedding day?" to which she replied, "yes, honey, totally normal." Just as I was leaving the dressing room, on my way to go get married, on my way to find out who I was going to marry– my alarm goes off. I guess I'll never know who I almost marri…