Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Dream Wedding

Last night I had the craziest dream. I dreamed that I was getting married. I wore a big, poofy white wedding dress (it didn't look ANYTHING like what I hope for in real life), but it was still kind of pretty. All my sisters and family members were there, and I was excited and stressing and worrying about having everything that I needed (I'm not even sure today what all those "things" were, but I was nevertheless quite stressed about it).
We got to the temple (it wasn't a specific temple, just some random temple), and went into the dressing room when I suddenly realized, I had no idea who I was getting married to! I turned to Mom and said, "Mom, is it normal to forget who you're marrying on your wedding day?" to which she replied, "yes, honey, totally normal." Just as I was leaving the dressing room, on my way to go get married, on my way to find out who I was going to marry– my alarm goes off. I guess I'll never know who I almost married. Bummer.

4 weeks until finals are over. Woah. My first semester at A&M is almost complete. There are certainly times that I feel more stressed and overwhelmed than I probably have at any other time in my life, but even during those times when I have 2 exams coming up and several projects due all at the same time, there is a certain adrenaline rush that I experience that I absolutely LOVE. I love the sense of accomplishment that I get after I've put in several long hours in at the library. I love the quick, frenzied overview of notes before a big test, and then all of the sudden–it's over. Hours of study and stress dissolves after 40 minutes! I don't quite know how to explain it, but suffice it to say, I really like being a college student. I've even had the words "graduate school" enter my mind once or twice this semester...

The job is going alright. Business is slow. The weird part is business is slow everywhere. This is the holidays, don't women want their hair to look good for Christmas pictures? Salons all over College Station are just empty. It's bizarre, and we can't figure out what exactly is causing people to stop getting their hair cut. Ladies, get your hair cut! Every 6 weeks!