Sunday, February 23, 2014


I think February should be renamed "Bipolar Month" in Texas. First it was freezing, then it was in the 70's, and this week it supposed to get cold again. We got some snow early on, and as you can see it was not the best snowman making material. But Dexter and I did the best we could. We basically used a sand castle method, and packed the snow together using a bucket, since it wasn't sticking very well. Here's our attempt. Caroline thinks it looks more like stacked toilet paper rolls :[

Because of the cold, a lot of our dates earlier this month were held inside. We got a little crafty and made some tie dye shirts. These are probably the best dyes I've ever used. We got them at HobbyLobby for pretty cheap, and they come in little spray bottles. The dye is super pigmented, but it washes off your hands real easy. After you've applied the dye, you hang the shirts to air dry, then you put them in the dryer, and then you wash 'em and wear 'em! Easy peasy. And we have a ton of dye left. I think the plan is to tie dye an entire outfit hahaha

It started to warm up around Valentine's Day, so we spent the evening go karting and mini-golfing.


I whooped his butt at mini golf. Seriously, I am so good ;P

Go Karting was pretty fun, we took a lot of crazy pictures, as you can see. I found this whole package on Groupon, which I know has been around a while, but I only recently got in to it. It's amazing! I will definitely be using it for future dates.

We were also graced with a visit from Holly and this sweet boy over Valentine's weekend. Isn't he just the cutest? Holly had a mishap at the local beauty school about two weeks ago so we decided to fly her down so I could try and repair the damage. It turned out to be a great learning experience for me, and we got it to the original color that she wanted, so it was great! It was really nice spending a couple of days with her and Henry. We went out to dinner (twice), we watched the BBC version of "Emma", we went for a hike, and we sat in bed chatting just like old times :)

Dexter celebrated a birthday this month! Back in January I randomly found a site through facebook that was selling these hoodies. I saw the hoodies, and I just knew I needed to get one for Dexter. He is a HUGE Patriots fan, and coupled with the Texas state outline, it was too perfect! And he loved it :)