Sunday, August 31, 2014

Catch Up

Well it seems I have a bit of catching up to do on this blog...

I made many good friends this summer. It really was remarkable how well we got along. It didn't take long at all before we felt like family. A few of them even trusted me to cut their hair ;)

I ended the season feeling much more accomplished and happy about some of the things I did out here. I really tried hard to take advantage of the spectacular hikes around me on my days off. I summited two peaks this summer, one of which was a bucket list item, and I visited other camps, and got to know some other staff members. I wanted to learn how to play ultimate frisbee, and I wanted to be decently good by the end of the summer. In almost all of our spare time at HoD, we tossed the disc. And I actually improved by the end of the summer! Enough that I'd like to find a club team to play with down here at A&M.
In other ways, I left Philmont feeling like I hadn't quite done enough. This summer was different from the others in that I had cell phone reception. It was both very helpful, and very distracting. It was helpful when I was waiting to (hopefully) hear from Texas A&M, it was helpful when I was looking for a place to live and I needed to call apartments and offices, and it was helpful when I really needed to talk with Mom and all I had to do was hike up the hill and I'd hear her voice within minutes. It became a distraction when I was anxiously thinking about a boy back home, or when I received news of a loved one going through some tough times. So much of me was rooted in things happening at home, and because I could still be involved through regular communication, a part of my brain could never focus on the work I was doing at Philmont. I delivered good program, I completed my duties as far as being a Program Counselor goes, but I couldn't give that 110%. Most of the summer went like this. Then about halfway through I was able to slap myself a couple times, turn off the cell phone, and things got a little better. One thing is for sure, if I go back next summer, I think I'm leaving my phone at base camp.

Shortly after arriving back home I drove down to A&M for two day orientation. Wow this place is really big, and also kinda weird. No one says "hello" at A&M, they only say "howdy" to which you must promptly reply with another "howdy". Hissing is also a pretty normal thing here, which you do if you dislike something. Never wear burnt orange on campus. You'll probably get hissed at. And also don't walk on the grass surrounding the Ag buildings. Hisssssssssssssss!
So it's official! I'm signed up for 4 classes this semester. Anthropology, Ecology, Math (gag) and a computer class. Classes start tomorrow. On Labor Day. Hiss.......

Here is my lovely apartment bedroom all furnished and decorated. Do the walls look very barren to you? I feel that the place could use a few more posters...

It's a small apartment, but perfect for just two girls. My roommate is a graduate student from the Phillipines. She is accustomed to a warm climate, so naturally, she keeps the apartment at a balmy 85 degrees. But she is very nice, and very helpful, and VERY clean.

Today I went to the Singles Ward prepared, as usual, to HATE MY LIFE during all 3 hours. But this ward will be a good one, I think! Mom, you should be very proud. I introduced myself to several people and I stayed for ONE WHOLE HOUR after church and mingled at the "linger longer". To be truthful, they were offering free food, and that was the main reason I stayed behind. But I did get to meet a few more people. One of them invited me to come to her house for dinner tonight. I think I'm gonna go. Although I have absolutely nothing to bring with me. I resisted buying a box of brownie mix at the store last night and I think I may have made the wrong decision.

After church I went onto campus and I walked through my schedule. Most of the buildings were locked, but I at least know which buildings to go to for most of my classes. I am hoping that I fall in love with this campus someday. Right now it is big and confusing and even more unlikeable when it's 100 degrees out with 67% humidity. I am resisting judgement for the present and I will re-evaluate my feelings towards it come mid-october.

*Save and publish*. This blog is officially caught up :)