Thursday, October 23, 2014

A lot of exciting things have taken place in the last couple of weeks! For starters, I got a job. Wahoo! I searched and searched everywhere for something that would work with my school schedule, give me sundays off, weekends off every now and again so I could drive down to Fort Worth, and something that would allow me to earn enough money. That's a long checklist, I know. But I felt confident that because I have a skill that is actually in demand for once in my life, I might have a little more say with potential employers. I had many, many interviews. That is also a first. It used to take me weeks and weeks to get just one interview. And I finally found the right one. I can already tell that this job will test my skills in several different areas (some of them not even hair related), but I am certain that it will be a very good thing in the end.

This week I had my second round of exams. I cried a couple times. Don't worry, it's pretty normal for me to cry during exam week.

I LOVE INSTITUTE. It's the highlight of my week. I attend the writings of Isaiah class on monday afternoons, and the Book of Mormon class on tuesday nights. The institute teachers are amazing. The other day I was studying at the institute building in between classes, and during a quick FB break, I read a post by an old friend who was asking about faith. I wanted to reply with a scripture that I could vaguely hear in my head, but couldn't remember the exact reference. So I went to the one of the institute instructor's office just to see if he could help me out real quick, and I ended up having a good 25 minute chat with him about how to best approach responding to this friend on FaceBook. It was awesome. I probably spend more time at the institute than anywhere else.

I went to the first Midnight Yell a couple weeks ago. It is held at Kyle Field the night before a home game. Students and Alumni come and learn the yells used during the game. There are a lot and I was super confused the whole time, but I had a blast.
Mom and Dad and I went to the game against Ole Miss, and even though my Ags lost, it was so cool finally be in the stadium for a game, listen to the yells, and watch traditions being carried out.

As we were driving down for the game, I kept thinking about how weird it was that I was excited to get back to Aggieland. I had been gone for 11 hours, but I was excited to be back. I like it here. I've made some pretty good friends, and I mean GOOD friends. I'm not saying that I didn't have good friends when I lived in Provo, but I'd say the ratio of good friends to not-so-good friends was very skewed. The sort of things I do with my friends here would be down right mocked by some of my hair school friends. Attending institute weekly, having sunday dinners together and ending the night by watching Mormon Messages, reading the scriptures and having real in depth conversations about the Gospel, that's just not something I ever did with my hair school friends.