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Winter "Break"

Yeah, no. My break was hardly a break at all. But I got to visit friends and family and enjoy several home cooked meals, so it was nevertheless quite enjoyable. I still had to work 3 days a week in College Station, so I did a lot of driving back and forth between work and home, trying to spend as much time with family as possible. I'm so glad the drive is only 3 hours... though it would be a lot better if it was 2.
I got to visit Caroline and the kids in Michigan, what a hoot! I love those kids, and I can't wait to see them again in May. Caroline and I did Henna, we saw Imitation Game (definitely recommend it, that was the 2nd time for me), we took the kids out to a lovely lunch, and we spent good quality time together :)
My friends Kelli and Nicole came home for the holidays, and we did the usual: movies, New Years Eve dance, a spend the night, mall shopping, etc. One day maybe we'll grow up, but for now, we're perfectly happy to keep doing the exact same things we…