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Ready...set... RECAP

Wow I have been absent for a while. I just got busy, I guess! Here's what I've been up to:

I settled into a new apartment. My roommate and I decided to go with a nice, calming "beige" theme to the living room. It gives off an incredibly boring vibe, which we feel best reflects our incredibly boring lives.

This is my roommate Marissa–quick bio: we grew up 40 minutes away from each other. Who knew? She's a sophomore. Biochemistry. She has ommetaphobia (fear of eyeballs). She's righteous. The other day I walked into the kitchen to find scriptures and journal sitting out on the table. I felt so inspired I had to take a picture. I'm not sure why I have a picture of her holding bread at the store...

I had a birthday, and I got this bike. It is super old, sat in some guys attic for 20 years, and it's British. Freakin' sweet if I do say so myself. I spent several hours working on it, and it still needs a little more work, but I love it (FYI, this is the …