Friday, April 24, 2015

Ready...set... RECAP

Wow I have been absent for a while. I just got busy, I guess! Here's what I've been up to:

I settled into a new apartment. My roommate and I decided to go with a nice, calming "beige" theme to the living room. It gives off an incredibly boring vibe, which we feel best reflects our incredibly boring lives.

This is my roommate Marissa–quick bio: we grew up 40 minutes away from each other. Who knew? She's a sophomore. Biochemistry. She has ommetaphobia (fear of eyeballs). She's righteous. The other day I walked into the kitchen to find scriptures and journal sitting out on the table. I felt so inspired I had to take a picture. I'm not sure why I have a picture of her holding bread at the store...

I had a birthday, and I got this bike. It is super old, sat in some guys attic for 20 years, and it's British. Freakin' sweet if I do say so myself. I spent several hours working on it, and it still needs a little more work, but I love it (FYI, this is the same bike that the nurses use in Call the Midwife. It's a fantastic PBS show and if you have never watched it–do so now!). 

I've been staying busy at church. I'm enrolled in 4 institute classes, which is way too many. Next semester I'm only taking two. I go to FHE every Monday night where we sometimes go on to campus and take pictures with men in wet suits standing in the Rudder Fountain. 

I make the drive down to the Houston temple often. I love it there. I love it even more now that I've found a group of endowed yet unmarried and non-RM girls to go with. I found this sign on my way home from the temple a few weeks ago. Finally, a legitimate reason to choose either Emma's Way or the highway. 

I celebrated Easter with my favorite people on earth! ALL my sisters and their husbands and ALL their kids. I love them all, and it was an absolute treat spending a week with them. We went to the zoo, took family pictures, had an easter egg hunt, got our toes done, watched movies and conference, and I wish the week could have lasted forever. 

Last but not least, I've been busy at school. Archaeology class is interesting, the presentation sometimes boring, but the content I find fascinating. Anthropology is the devil. Literally, my prof. is the anti-Christ. My youth development class has, for the most part, been a complete joke. But a complete joke that gets me a good grade, so I will not complain. My other parks and rec class is very informative, laid back, and never fails to get me excited for my future. I'll be honest, this has not been my favorite semester. Still, not a single day this semester have I had a desire to be anywhere BUT Texas A&M. I love my school! C'mon, how can anyone not love a school that hangs bikes in their trees? 

I had to opportunity to attend Muster on the 21st. Muster is one of A&M's most sacred traditions. It's held once a year on April 21st, and commemorates all Aggies who have died in the last year. It was very solemn, and you could hear lots of sniffling, but it was also very uplifting! It's amazing how much pride I have for a school that, until 6 months ago, I really knew nothing about. Apart from the friends I've made down here, I don't have any other friends or family members who are Aggies. I can't wait to take my kids here someday. They don't have to go to the school, but there are certain traditions (like Muster) that I absolutely insist my children make sure I am a part of. 

I have finals in 2 weeks! Then I go visit my best friend, Jenna! Then I go home and get a job and take classes at the community college! Then I go to England! Then it's back to College Station where I'll officially be enrolled as a fightin' Texas Aggie Junior– AY-AY-AY WHOOP!