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I am dying to publish all my thoughts, stories and adventures from England while they are still fresh in my mind, however it is going to have to come out in stages. The whole 10 days was absolutely magical, and I musn't leave out a single detail!

Let's start around... afternoon tea. That really was the highlight of my first day in England. After we landed, took the train/tube to the B&B and got all settled in, we set forth into the madness of London. I've never seen so many people in my life. We went to the British Museum, which is massive and needs 10 days all to itself in order to properly be explored. We focused our wanderings to the Egyptian exhibits, and spent quite of bit of time trying to track down the Rosetta Stone. There were so many huge sculptures and pillars its amazing that they managed to transport it all.

At the Museum they have a lovely little tea room that we ate at for dinner. Mom and I got the afternoon tea with lemon and ginger, and of course it ca…

A Few More

I neglected a mention a rather large project my parents undertook while I was living at home this summer. It made for a grueling 8 weeks or so. We had no kitchen, and instead had to wash all our dishes in the laundry room sink, and keep our fridge in the garage. Honestly, I listen to myself complain about it now and I think "that's really not that bad". I've spent summers cooking and cleaning in much more primitive environments, after all. It was just a bit of a pain having to go to 3 or 4 different places in the house to gather ingredients, find a place to prepare the food, and then taking it all into the small laundry room to clean it. First world problems. 

So here's a shot looking into the kitchen from the living room. Mom (and a little bit Dad, I think?) did an incredible job designing this kitchen. Mom has always had a knack for interior design.

Soap Stone backsplash. Lovely.

My favorite part is most definitely the bench. It's the perfect little readin…

So Average Recaps

Recently, my blog has turned into a series of recaps. I wouldn't feel so bad if it wasn't for the fact that I don't write in my journal frequently, either. Nevertheless, here is a quick recount of my summer thus far:
 I started out with a trip to see JENNA! The weather in Buffalo was gorgeous, it was the perfect time to be there. We ate buffalo wings (of course) and pizza, visited Palmyra and the Sacred Grove, and Niagara Falls; we went shopping, watched movies and Gilmore Girls, and had many, many laughs. I miss the roommate days. Wish we lived closer :(

I don't have many pictures following this trip because days after I got home I started a condensed statistics class at TCC. I can vaguely recall a few sensations from those 2 weeks... mostly confusion, migraines, lots of numbers, and that's about it.

After that I took a 6 week long Geology class. Booooorrrraaaannnggggg. I thought I would enjoy learning about rocks, but I actually found them quite dull. Well, some …