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When we (and by we, I really mean Mom) first planned our trip, it never included visiting York. But I read this amazing book, The Traveller's History of England, and it talked about York so much that I really wanted to see it. We changed our entire itinerary so that we could drive to York. After the visit, I think everyone was glad we made the change.

These books are actually part of a large series, and I recommend them to anyone who is gearing up for a trip. It was concise, touched on all the major points of history, and was somewhat humorous.

According to the book, the monarchs either ruled from York, or London. It's not quite clear why they switched between the two, but both places were very important. When you look at a map of York today, it is quite small and reminds me of what the old London probably looked like. Once we visited there we learned that much of the existing architecture is actually a sham, meant to look medieval in order to attract tourists. The layout of t…

5&6: Leaving London

I loved London. The food was delightful, the buildings and the museums were beautiful, and did I mention that the food was SO GOOD? By the end of the fourth day, however, I was totally bushed. London is B.U.S.Y. Don't go there if you are prone to anxiety attacks.

Sunday morning Mom and I packed up our things and found our way to the Kensington Ward (with the help of a very nice Italian member). I was very excited to go to church and listen to all the talks given in British accents (sinful, I know. There are other more important reasons to be excited for church), but unfortunately, everyone who spoke was American. The man who blessed the sacrament was British and he gave a VERY interesting spin on the sacrament. I felt like I was transported into an Anglican church just during that moment.

The church we met in looked nothing like one of our usual chapels. It was a modern business building from the outside, and served as kind of a visitors center complete with Jesus statue and "…

Day 3 & 4

Day 3 of England was a tour of the Warner Brothers Studio, aka, Hogwarts. Oh. My. Goodness. I cannot even begin to describe how surreal it felt to be in a place I had grown up imagining first in the books, and then coming to life on screen. The studio was basically transformed into a museum of all the sets, costumes, props, all things Harry Potter. I almost cried when we entered the Great Hall.

I learned of so many details that you just never notice in the movies. For instance, have you ever noticed the large portrait of a young Minerva McGonagall hanging in the Gryffindor Common Room? Or how about all of Dumbledores little knick knacks? So many things that I just never noticed before.

I found the special effects makeup room extremely fascinating. I used to be really into that stuff when I was younger, and maybe someday I'll look into taking some classes about it or something. It really is SO cool.

Of course Mom and I had to try the Butterbeer, and wow was that pretty good. We thi…