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Happy Birthday, Peter!

Last weekend Caroline and the kiddos came down to Texas! I've been so lucky this year, I've seen Caroline and the kids like 3 times! 

We took the kids to the park and I jumped on the opportunity to experiment with taking some action shots.

Peter is the world's best baby model. I think this is a trend we may see among more kids of this generation. They recognize when they are being photographed and they automatically know what to do!

This picture right here has Caroline written all over it. Peter definitely got all his mom's genes.

We're so lucky we got to celebrate with Peter for his birthday! We had the entire May clan over for burgers, hotdogs, and birthday cake. It was a lot of people. 

Such pretty women who I admire very much. Nyssa used to be my dance teacher. She is one of the most patient women and I know, and I miss our lessons very much. I have known Chandler for years but I have always known her as "Chandler, Caroline's friend." This summer…

Oxford and Bath

Oxfordshire- quite possibly my favorite region of England that we visited. It was picturesque, and encapsulates all that I imagine when I read Jane Austen.

While driving to Oxford we ate lunch in Coventry, a rather dismal side of England that people don't often see. From what we could tell, there was very little historic significance left in Coventry. Much of the city was destroyed during the air raids of WWII. This cathedral that we visited, however, made the pit stop totally worth it.

It is unlike any of the other cathedrals that we visited. No ceiling, and only bits and pieces of stained glass were still attached. Everything was blackened and ugly. My favorite part was the alter with the words "Father Forgive". 

Oxford was old and beautiful like Cambridge, but it was much more spread out. There were more trees and gardens. We didn't go on any walking tours while we were in Oxford, instead we rented bicycles and rode around the city. It was Dad's idea and it wa…