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My SUPER AWESOME weekend at home

Let's see, did I do anything fun this week? No, I did not. Was I GOING to do something fun this week? YES, I was! I had plans to go with a group of friends to enchanted rock. I have wanted to go with a group to enchanted rock for 2 YEARS now. I was very excited. But, of course, I woke up Wednesday morning with a massive headache and sandpaper in my throat. Thursday evening, things did not appear to be improving so I backed out of the trip. All my friends said they had a BLAST and they got to explore some SUPER AWESOME CAVES and they ate authentic German food in Fredericksburg and had the BEST TIME.

Whatever. I'm not bitter. 
So this week I did a lot of reading, I cleaned the house, went shopping and bought a ton of healthy stuff like kale and chia seeds and some other herbal concoctions, and I finished a season of Friday Night Lights. I decided if I'm going to continue watching the show, I'm gonna skip all of the dramatic high school crap and just watch …


I'm struggling to remember everything that has happened in the last couple weeks, so here are some pictures:
Cadets march through Downtown Fort Worth morning of the Arkansas game at AT&T stadium. We don't really have a mascot, but we have Reveille, who is the most pampered dog in all the world.  Dad reps the best school in this flat-billed cap that he would never wear in real life. Aggies commit. I may have suffered permanent hearing loss from this game, but it was all worth it. I love this stadium. I love my team. I love football.  Poor St. John. He's been towed twice in the last month. He's getting replaced with the tan Yukon in a couple weeks. Now I have to think of another car name, and it has to begin with a "T".  Midnight yell before we BTHO Tennessee. I was surrounded by cadets and they are loud as all get out. But I was really close to the field which was cool! Gig 'em! I'm working on a project with these guys (and girl) for one of my cla…

"I was RUNNING".

2nd week of school went really well, and was rather uneventful. I started work again, our team of stylists has grown a lot. This industry always has people coming in and out so frequently, it keeps things exciting.
I went to my first home game against Prairie View A&M. They are just an hour or so outside of town. Small school with a biiiiig personality. Their band was hysterical. They were pretty small compared to our band, but they were so loud! Every time our band started playing they would start playing trying to compete. It was very entertaining.  Our seats were probably the best I've ever had. 2nd deck, 8 rows back, 35 yard line. Not too shabby. The student section is a ton of fun if you don't mind the noise and having to stand theeeeee entirrrrrrre tiiiiiiime. But we beat 'em big time. 67-0. Poor guys.  I did a little crafting last week. I just was not satisfied with the way my walls were arranged, so I made these cute hanging wall shelves that I saw on Pinteres…

Senior Year

AY WHOOP! That's my wildcat yell, because I'm a senior now! I went to my "last first" midnight yell on Friday night in preparation to BTHO UCLA. That's "Beat The H*** Outta" incase you were wondering. I don't make this stuff up, it's just tradition. Anyway, we beat 'em yesterday.
 Pretty much the whole ward went to midnight yell. The ward is huge now. We can't fit inside the Institute for church anymore so they are moving us into the stake center next week. 1:30 p.m. church time. Yayyyy...
 Here is my newly arranged bedroom. I am quite proud of myself for managing to cram that crate in there.
 Rusty is for the most part a very mellow dog. He still hasn't figured out that the barks from the neighbor's yappy dog are coming from upstairs, and so he runs from one end of the house to the other looking out the windows convinced he'll find the dog there.
I think he's rather unimpressed with the backyard. It makes sense, I gues…


Once again, I have a lot of catching up to do. I will try to sum up my summer as briefly as possible:
I worked for a wilderness therapy program in southern Idaho. I worked with teenage girls struggling with suicidal ideation, eating disorders and self harm. Many of them had also been through physical abuse at the hands of family members and close friends. Most came from privileged yet broken families.
It was one of the most rewarding summers of my life. The environment was brutal. Southern Idaho is basically rocky hills, sage brush, rattlesnakes, and sunny skies with 100 degree heat. Occasionally we found pockets of beauty, like this natural spring pictured above. The girls taught me a lot, and changed my perspective on a lot of things. Hopefully I taught them a little, too.
During my off shift I spent a lot of time with Holly and the kiddos. They are balls of sunshine that made my summer really special.
I visited my first national park this summer. I scared Mom to pieces and decided…

That's a wrap!

And just like that my junior year is over! I took my last final at 8 a.m. this morning. To celebrate the end of the semester my friends and I had a little photoshoot at the park this weekend.

We are all very excited for our various summer internships and jobs, and even more excited by the prospect of being SENIORS in the fall. "AY WHOOP!" 

We should be receiving our Aggie rings in the fall. Christina beat us all to the punch and got hers this semester. A&M makes a big deal out of getting your ring and even designates 2 weekends out of the semester for "Ring Day" where students go through an entire ceremony to receive their ring. 
Not at all associated with the university but still practiced by all the students is the ring dunk. Students drop their ring into a pitcher of some kind of liquid (typically beer, but gatorade if you don't drink alcohol) and then chug the whole thing until they reach the ring at the bottom. You may get your ring on Ring Day, but yo…