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Quarterly update

Baby William looks much different now. These photos were taken around Mom's birthday in early February. We all went to Utah for William's baby blessing that weekend. It was so nice being with all my sisters again :) 
I think Caroline made some hints about me needing to put some of my pictures up here. The lighting in the apartment was a little dim, so I didn't get anything spectacular, but I do love the moments I managed to capture of William being ooh'd and aah'd over by his aunts and grandparents. 
That was such an enjoyable trip. It's not often that all of us get to be together in the same place. I cherish those times so much now! 

We got to tour the new Provo City Temple and see what all the fuss was about. I understand completely now why there was a lot of fuss. The new Provo temple might be the most beautiful temple I've been in. The murals were stunning, the architecture was unique, the entire layout was just different–but so, so pretty. We all real…