Sunday, March 20, 2016

Quarterly update

Baby William looks much different now. These photos were taken around Mom's birthday in early February. We all went to Utah for William's baby blessing that weekend. It was so nice being with all my sisters again :) 

I think Caroline made some hints about me needing to put some of my pictures up here. The lighting in the apartment was a little dim, so I didn't get anything spectacular, but I do love the moments I managed to capture of William being ooh'd and aah'd over by his aunts and grandparents. 

That was such an enjoyable trip. It's not often that all of us get to be together in the same place. I cherish those times so much now! 

We got to tour the new Provo City Temple and see what all the fuss was about. I understand completely now why there was a lot of fuss. The new Provo temple might be the most beautiful temple I've been in. The murals were stunning, the architecture was unique, the entire layout was just different–but so, so pretty. We all really enjoyed it! 

It was a short trip! I arrived in Utah on Friday and left Sunday. School has been going well this semester. I've been pretty busy, especially as I've been trying to secure an internship for this summer. In a week I go to Idaho for a 5-day long interview to be a field guide for a wilderness therapy program. All the WT programs in UT/CO/ID require some kind of pre-hire training. It's been tough trying to schedule a time that I make it to one without missing too much school (none of them lined up over my spring break), but I finally have something set up that will work and I am crossing my fingers that good things come from it! 

I was very relieved this week when I had a break from school. For the first few days I went to Indianapolis to visit my friend, Matt. 

Matt and I know each other from school. He graduated with his MBA in December, and now he lives and works in Indianapolis. He showed me around town...

...we went to Mejier because it is the greatest grocery store on this planet and I am in love with it. 

We went to a session at the Indianapolis temple (very pretty. Loved it). 

We made Banoffee pie (a traditional Irish pie) for my birthday/pi day. 

We visited the Notre Dame campus in South Bend. It is actually a very beautiful campus. All the architecture is designed to look old and gothic-y. The only thing that looked out of place was Touchdown Jesus.

After Notre Dame we very briefly stopped in Benton Harbor, MI, just because he had never been to MI before and we were so close. I wouldn't recommend visiting Benton Harbor, it was a little sketchy... but the beach was cool, and found a little pier with some lighthouses to walk along, so that was fun! 

Overall I had a really fun visit that I wish could have lasted the whole week. Unfortunately, grown up people with real jobs don't get a spring break so I had to come home. The rest of the week was spent working! 

Other random facts about my year thus far: I have read 2 books! It's a miracle! I read Nicholas Nickelby and The Secret Life of Bees. Next I am attempting Jesus the Christ. Wish me luck! 

I have been cooking more meals. Like real meals. I have tried two new recipes already. TWO. Just last week I bought mushrooms for the first time ever. This is big deal, guys!

My favorite class right now is probably my Architecture class. Couldn't have picked a better class to satisfy the creative arts requirement. 

I have recently gotten into soccer. I don't play it, I just enjoy watching. Stoke City FC has a new American follower! You should try watching it sometime. The spectators sing during the games, it's very entertaining. 

Until next time, then!