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That's a wrap!

And just like that my junior year is over! I took my last final at 8 a.m. this morning. To celebrate the end of the semester my friends and I had a little photoshoot at the park this weekend.

We are all very excited for our various summer internships and jobs, and even more excited by the prospect of being SENIORS in the fall. "AY WHOOP!" 

We should be receiving our Aggie rings in the fall. Christina beat us all to the punch and got hers this semester. A&M makes a big deal out of getting your ring and even designates 2 weekends out of the semester for "Ring Day" where students go through an entire ceremony to receive their ring. 
Not at all associated with the university but still practiced by all the students is the ring dunk. Students drop their ring into a pitcher of some kind of liquid (typically beer, but gatorade if you don't drink alcohol) and then chug the whole thing until they reach the ring at the bottom. You may get your ring on Ring Day, but yo…