Sunday, October 23, 2016

My SUPER AWESOME weekend at home

Let's see, did I do anything fun this week? No, I did not. Was I GOING to do something fun this week? YES, I was! I had plans to go with a group of friends to enchanted rock. I have wanted to go with a group to enchanted rock for 2 YEARS now. I was very excited. But, of course, I woke up Wednesday morning with a massive headache and sandpaper in my throat. Thursday evening, things did not appear to be improving so I backed out of the trip. All my friends said they had a BLAST and they got to explore some SUPER AWESOME CAVES and they ate authentic German food in Fredericksburg and had the BEST TIME.

Whatever. I'm not bitter. 

So this week I did a lot of reading, I cleaned the house, went shopping and bought a ton of healthy stuff like kale and chia seeds and some other herbal concoctions, and I finished a season of Friday Night Lights. I decided if I'm going to continue watching the show, I'm gonna skip all of the dramatic high school crap and just watch the scenes with Coach and Tami. They are L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y the cutest fictional couple in the world–well, modern world. Elizabeth and Darcy take the number one spot. 

I'm reading The Young Victoria by Alison Plowden. I've seen the movie several times (in fact, I remember the last time I watched it was with Mom at 2 a.m. in London when we hadn't adjusted to the time zone yet), but the book goes so much more in depth and really shows more of Victoria's character. I really enjoy learning more about the lives of the people who were close to her. It's very well written and I recommend it. 

On Saturday I watched a painful game against Alabama. There is a reason they are the number one team right now. Their defense is too good. And poor Trevor Knight just cannot get that ball into his receiver's hands fast enough. I've never seen so many sacks in one game. Saturday night I also went to a baptism and played the piano. It was a nice way to end a rather depressing day. 

Today I went to sacrament meeting and had the worst coughing fit of my life right as the sacrament was being blessed. I had to leave the chapel it was so bad. I stayed to accompany one of my friends for a musical number and then went home after the meeting was over. 

I don't have any pictures showing what I did this week, but I did take a couple of Rusty. 

 He is so handsome. Just look at that snout. So refined.
 His "eyebrows" too just kill me.
I shed real tears this week as I thought about my parents taking him away to Utah. I know it'll just be one semester without him, and I've already spent many other semesters without him, but I just love having Rusty here with me. He's such a good companion :) 

Friday, October 14, 2016


I'm struggling to remember everything that has happened in the last couple weeks, so here are some pictures:

Cadets march through Downtown Fort Worth morning of the Arkansas game at AT&T stadium. We don't really have a mascot, but we have Reveille, who is the most pampered dog in all the world. 
Dad reps the best school in this flat-billed cap that he would never wear in real life. Aggies commit.
I may have suffered permanent hearing loss from this game, but it was all worth it. I love this stadium. I love my team. I love football. 
Poor St. John. He's been towed twice in the last month. He's getting replaced with the tan Yukon in a couple weeks. Now I have to think of another car name, and it has to begin with a "T". 
Midnight yell before we BTHO Tennessee. I was surrounded by cadets and they are loud as all get out. But I was really close to the field which was cool!
Gig 'em! I'm working on a project with these guys (and girl) for one of my classes. We drove out to Huntsville to meet with the executive director of a christian camp and retreat, and ask him all about his life and work. We had a BLAST. I love my major. 

Nothing major to report. This semester is flying by. It honestly feels like October just got here, but it's already halfway over. Time needs to slow down! I love this school too much to be ready to leave in May.