I'm struggling to remember everything that has happened in the last couple weeks, so here are some pictures:

Cadets march through Downtown Fort Worth morning of the Arkansas game at AT&T stadium. We don't really have a mascot, but we have Reveille, who is the most pampered dog in all the world. 
Dad reps the best school in this flat-billed cap that he would never wear in real life. Aggies commit.
I may have suffered permanent hearing loss from this game, but it was all worth it. I love this stadium. I love my team. I love football. 
Poor St. John. He's been towed twice in the last month. He's getting replaced with the tan Yukon in a couple weeks. Now I have to think of another car name, and it has to begin with a "T". 
Midnight yell before we BTHO Tennessee. I was surrounded by cadets and they are loud as all get out. But I was really close to the field which was cool!
Gig 'em! I'm working on a project with these guys (and girl) for one of my classes. We drove out to Huntsville to meet with the executive director of a christian camp and retreat, and ask him all about his life and work. We had a BLAST. I love my major. 

Nothing major to report. This semester is flying by. It honestly feels like October just got here, but it's already halfway over. Time needs to slow down! I love this school too much to be ready to leave in May.