Tuesday, May 10, 2016

That's a wrap!

And just like that my junior year is over! I took my last final at 8 a.m. this morning. To celebrate the end of the semester my friends and I had a little photoshoot at the park this weekend.

We are all very excited for our various summer internships and jobs, and even more excited by the prospect of being SENIORS in the fall. "AY WHOOP!" 

We should be receiving our Aggie rings in the fall. Christina beat us all to the punch and got hers this semester. A&M makes a big deal out of getting your ring and even designates 2 weekends out of the semester for "Ring Day" where students go through an entire ceremony to receive their ring. 

Not at all associated with the university but still practiced by all the students is the ring dunk. Students drop their ring into a pitcher of some kind of liquid (typically beer, but gatorade if you don't drink alcohol) and then chug the whole thing until they reach the ring at the bottom. You may get your ring on Ring Day, but you haven't earned it until you've dunked it. We've already started planning the theme for our own ring dunk! 

This semester was also my last to work at Bovay. I have enjoyed running the canoe station and working with younger kiddos since I have not had much experience with that in the past. I'm glad I did it, but I'm looking forward to gaining some more experience in another setting next semester. 

This summer I will be working for BlueFire wilderness therapy in Idaho. This is the field I have wanted to work in for a long time, and I am excited and ready to jump in and learn all I can about wilderness therapy. I had a great time in Idaho last March with these other interviewees. We came from all over the place with different backgrounds and training and it was really fun getting to know everyone and what brought them to this point. 

I got to spend a couple days with Holly while I was going to and from Idaho for my interview. I'm super excited about living so close to Holly and the kiddos this summer. I'll be seeing them quite a bit!

I finished up with the interview around the same time that my A&M friends Haley and Christina were flying up to Salt Lake for General Conference. I somehow lost all the photos we took that weekend, but I was their chauffeur for a day and showed them all the essential Salt Lake/Provo sites. We walked around temple square, toured BYU campus, saw the Y on the mountain, ate Cafe Rio outside the new Provo tabernacle, met Holly for ice cream in downtown Provo, drove up the canyon to Bridal Veil, and then finished up the day by watching some skiers at Sundance.

That night was a rough one, I must have caught a bug or something earlier that week. I was up most of the night, and not ready to jump on a plane back home the next morning. Dad flew up to meet me, and I slept in the back of Mom's car (which she brought to Utah during her internship) while Dad drove us back to Texas. I felt much better Sunday evening, enough to sit up and enjoy some of the beautiful Colorado scenery.

It wouldn't be a proper road trip unless Dad got pulled over for speeding. He got away with a warning ;) road trips with Dad are fun, and I'm looking forward road tripping back up to Utah in a couple weeks for my internship! 

Before then, though, I'll be going to California to visit family, and then seeing this guy! Matt visited Fort Worth 2 weekends ago, and I had a lovely time showing him around Fort Worth. 

We went all over the place but somehow I only have pictures from the zoo and the cowboys stadium. Matt is a football fanatic (well, all sports in general) but he doesn't like the cowboys. Real shocker, since half of America hates them. But I forced him through a tour anyway, and in the end he asked me to take a picture of him in front of Jason Witten's locker (the one player I think he actually likes). It's quite the brainwashing process. 

In addition to the zoo and cowboys stadium, we went to the JFK museum in Dallas, we went to a Ranger's game, walked around downtown Fort Worth and the stockyards, and also the botanical gardens. 

I've got nothing else to add, except that my Dad is super goofy and this picture should be preserved so here it is.