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2017 Reflections

This has been a pretty good year, probably a 7/10 on my scale.

Important events this year:

1. I graduated from college with honors. Whoop! Definitely a big milestone for me. A big, happy, wonderful, stressful, life-altering milestone. 7 months later I'm asking, "what's next?" Life is so much more straightforward when all my energy is put towards accomplishing a major task. Once the task is over I'm left feeling confused and purposeless. So...GRAD SCHOOL, YEAH!

2. I moved to Utah. This contributes positively towards my 7/10 scale because I am now living near family which is a huge blessing. It also contributes negatively because, well, now I'm living in Utah. My skin is parched, the air is toxic, the people don't know how to drive, and I've almost hit like 148359302 5 deer. So I guess that's just a neutral point on my scale.

3. I had my first teaching calling! Yikes! But in all honesty, I really enjoyed it. I'm now keeping my fingers crossed th…


Change has been on my mind a lot recently, probably due to the fact that I am living in Utah again. Some of the biggest changes and adjustments in my life occurred while living in Utah, such as moving out of my home of 18 years, living with people who weren't my family, interacting with a predominantly LDS population, paying bills, learning and studying with students who weren't my 2 older sisters, and attending church with only 18-30 year olds.
Some of these things have since become the norm. I'm so used to singles wards that when I occasionally attend a family ward, I feel like I'm sitting in a parakeet cage. Have kids always been that noisy? I'm not only used to taking classes with random strangers, I love it. And the bills? It's the one thing in life I can count on to be consistent.

I'm distinctly aware of changes in my appearance. Who knew that after 4 years I'd change so much? I try not to let it get to me, but it does. It's like I have a clo…

6 years

While decluttering my bookshelves this week, I discovered (and I suspect many others out there are guilty of this same thing) that I have about 5 different journals, and most of them are only half filled. So in an effort to consolidate, I've been transcribing my journal entries into Word and will probably put them all together into one of those self-publishing books you make make/order online (it's a tedious process, if anyone has any better ideas, please lemme know). 

Tonight I finished transcribing my journal that covered my first summer at Philmont and all of hair school. I can't help but laugh at some of the things I wrote as an 18-year old. Here are a few of my favorites:

"The past few weeks I have been working hard @ being nice."


Let's face it, this is probably the only post I'll make the rest of the summer. So here's a recap of summer 2017:
 Fourth of the July fireworks from our balcony. I will never travel anywhere else for fireworks again. Someone made the comment that, in Utah, instead of spending money on booze, they all spend it on fireworks. We watched a phenomenal show, no crowds, no traffic.
 Caroline and the kids came for about 3 weeks. As crazy and hectic as things were at times, I loved having them here. I was definitely depressed for a few days after they left.  I can't wait for them to come again next summer!

 It's so rare that all of us get to be in the same state together. And I think this was the first time that I went to a session with both of my sisters since I was endowed 2 years ago.
 I flew down to Texas for Kelli's wedding! It was (unsurprisingly) a Hawaiian themed wedding. Pork, rice, tropical fruit, the works. Kelli looked beautiful, and I was so happy I could …

Settling In

One of the greatest joys of living in Utah so far has been seeing Holly and the kids more often.
Henry and Rusty are best friends. Henry loves to throw the ball, and Rusty LOVES to play fetch. Match made in heaven.

No school + no job = impromptu fishing trip in California! I didn't fish, I just took the pictures. I feel bad for the poor little guys. What did they ever do to deserve being yanked up from the bottom of the ocean like that? Especially Mom's first catch of the day, which unfortunately got hooked through the eye.
Poor feller. They sure were tasty, though.

 No trip to the Pacific is complete without an encounter with a shark!
Back in Utah, and now I have a job. I work at a Sport Clips. It's awesome! After 2 years in the Greatclips franchise I'm grateful to by trying out something new. I like listening to ESPN all day, which has a surprising amount of variety. It's much better than listening to the same radio station play the same top 40 songs. The women…

Take Two

Here I am in May 2011 when Holly and I stopped along 287 to snap a quick pic before pressing on to Philmont. I had just graduated high school, and after working at Philmont would move to Utah to start hair school at Aveda. Geez, what a twig!  And here's me again 2 years later, about to graduate from Aveda and considerably heavier thanks to a year-long vegetarian experiment where I compensated for the lack of protein by eating rice and bread. I also worked at the Awful Waffle during this time, so I partially blame Belgian waffles and frittes as well.  September 2014 finds me back in Texas, the land that I love, surrounded by family who accompanied me to the temple for the first time. I also completed my first week at Texas A&M by this time. And I'm back at my high school weight.
Now it's May 2017 and I don't care that much about my weight, I just want to be healthy. This is also the longest my hair has ever been. I didn't mean for this to be a body transformati…