Little Bit just couldn't wait for me to get to Michigan. Literally. Caroline had her just after I landed in Charlotte and was waiting to get on my next flight to Detroit. Unfortunately, baby Elizabeth was born under less than ideal circumstances and needed a week in the hospital to recuperate from the very traumatic ordeal of being born.
I stayed busy while Caroline was in the hospital with Elizabeth. I spent lots and lots of time with Peter, and successfully began the Aggie indoctrination process (he knows to say gig 'em when I give him a thumbs up). And I cleaned. Lots of cleaning and ordering the kids around making them clean as well. After a week of this, Andrea expressed relief that I would be leaving soon. "You're so demanding," she said. David, on the other hand, showed a little sadness that I would be leaving when he said "I wish you were staying so that you could clean the house more." 
Thanks, guys. Thanks a lot.
I got to see Andrea perform her light jig, which she did perfectly. She knew every single step, because she mouthed every single step throughout the performance. It was very cute :)
White Castle is a must for me when I'm in the north/midwest region. I wish they had White Castle down here. Its so greasy and SO GOOD.

Celebrated the big 24 and a lovely St. Patrick's Day. Caroline made this wonderful Irish meal, bangers and mash, mushy peas and Irish soda bread. YUM.
 St. Patrick's Day certainly was a lucky day for all of us. Little Bit came home!!!
 I was scheduled to leave the next day, the same day she was scheduled to come home. It was unfortunate timing but there was nothing I could do about it. But to my delight, Elizabeth came home a day early! So I got to spend a little extra time with her before I left.

Despite the grumbling I received from the kids, I really had a wonderful visit. I enjoyed cleaning. It's therapeutic for me. I liked playing mom for a week, dropping the kids off at school and playing with Peter during the day, and then picking the kids up again at the end of the day.
I loved spending time with my sister. Caroline is amazing, and I feel inspired and uplifted every time I am with her. It was certainly difficult saying goodbye to her.
It was not hard, however, saying goodbye to 15 degrees. I landed in Austin just before sunset and drove through the 75 degree countryside absolutely exploding with wildflowers and Bluebonnets. It's now reached the 80's, and it's not likely to get any cooler until October. I love Texas. And I will miss it so much when I leave.