Dunkingham Palace

Ring Day finally arrived! Ring Day is a big deal here. It includes cocktail dresses, high heels, all the family, photographers, etc. It's a little ridiculous, to be honest. But then again Texas A&M has always taken the maxim "everything is bigger in Texas" and multiplied it by 1000, so I suppose it's only in keeping with tradition.
My friends Haley and Marissa were there to see me get my ring. Haley got to present me my ring, and after inspecting it to make sure my name and graduation year were printed right, she got to put it on my finger. Some students invite professors or special faculty to present them their rings, or they have a family member do it. Like I said, it's a bit over the top. 
It feels so good to have this hunk of gold on my finger! I love the Aggie ring because it's so recognizable. I like to know that wherever I am in the world I can find camaraderie and shared understanding with someone who also wears this ring.

 The saying goes "you haven't earned it 'till you've dunked it." I shared my ring dunk with 5 other people, mostly from church. From left to right is Moroni, Marissa, Karen, me, Tiffany, and Kelsey.
 Marissa, Tiffany and I dunked in lemonade.
I think Moroni finished first in 50ish seconds, and Tiffany was just a second after him. I don't know how that girl did it so fast. I finished last.
Feeling excited and jittery pre-dunk.
And feeling considerably bloated post-dunk.
The name for the dunk was "Dunkingham Palace", and the theme English garden party. We spent all day making scones, Victoria sponge cakes (using Mary Berry's recipe, of course) and tea sandwiches. Everyone seemed to enjoy it!

 Here are some of my decorations.
 Everyone really got a kick out of the picture of the royal family.
Partially-failed attempt at a telephone booth door. I had originally made a cardboard cut out to go on front of the door, but it didn't work out so I had to improvise last second.