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Take Two

Here I am in May 2011 when Holly and I stopped along 287 to snap a quick pic before pressing on to Philmont. I had just graduated high school, and after working at Philmont would move to Utah to start hair school at Aveda. Geez, what a twig!  And here's me again 2 years later, about to graduate from Aveda and considerably heavier thanks to a year-long vegetarian experiment where I compensated for the lack of protein by eating rice and bread. I also worked at the Awful Waffle during this time, so I partially blame Belgian waffles and frittes as well.  September 2014 finds me back in Texas, the land that I love, surrounded by family who accompanied me to the temple for the first time. I also completed my first week at Texas A&M by this time. And I'm back at my high school weight.
Now it's May 2017 and I don't care that much about my weight, I just want to be healthy. This is also the longest my hair has ever been. I didn't mean for this to be a body transformati…