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Settling In

One of the greatest joys of living in Utah so far has been seeing Holly and the kids more often.
Henry and Rusty are best friends. Henry loves to throw the ball, and Rusty LOVES to play fetch. Match made in heaven.

No school + no job = impromptu fishing trip in California! I didn't fish, I just took the pictures. I feel bad for the poor little guys. What did they ever do to deserve being yanked up from the bottom of the ocean like that? Especially Mom's first catch of the day, which unfortunately got hooked through the eye.
Poor feller. They sure were tasty, though.

 No trip to the Pacific is complete without an encounter with a shark!
Back in Utah, and now I have a job. I work at a Sport Clips. It's awesome! After 2 years in the Greatclips franchise I'm grateful to by trying out something new. I like listening to ESPN all day, which has a surprising amount of variety. It's much better than listening to the same radio station play the same top 40 songs. The women…