Let's face it, this is probably the only post I'll make the rest of the summer. So here's a recap of summer 2017:

 Fourth of the July fireworks from our balcony. I will never travel anywhere else for fireworks again. Someone made the comment that, in Utah, instead of spending money on booze, they all spend it on fireworks. We watched a phenomenal show, no crowds, no traffic.
 Caroline and the kids came for about 3 weeks. As crazy and hectic as things were at times, I loved having them here. I was definitely depressed for a few days after they left.  I can't wait for them to come again next summer!

 It's so rare that all of us get to be in the same state together. And I think this was the first time that I went to a session with both of my sisters since I was endowed 2 years ago.
 I flew down to Texas for Kelli's wedding! It was (unsurprisingly) a Hawaiian themed wedding. Pork, rice, tropical fruit, the works. Kelli looked beautiful, and I was so happy I could be there for her sealing. Seriously girls, just go get endowed as soon as you can. You miss out on so much otherwise.
 Another one of my Texas friends has moved to Utah, so I'm starting to not feel so lonely! Derek and I went longboarding down Provo Canyon trail the other day. He was very patient and went super slow which was nice, because I still haven't gotten the hang of breaking.
 I loved my class at UVU. The instructor brought in several guest speakers a week and I got to hear from lots of social workers all over Utah who work in a variety of settings. I've already begun reciting my "I can't save everyone" mantra. Each week we discuss a different problem, some issue that isn't being addressed, some population that doesn't get enough resources. The world is so messed up! And as much as I want to help, I won't be able to help everyone. But if I can help a few then I think it will be worth it. So in a few weeks I will take the GRE, 3-4 weeks after that I will apply to schools. Wish me luck!