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2017 Reflections

This has been a pretty good year, probably a 7/10 on my scale.

Important events this year:

1. I graduated from college with honors. Whoop! Definitely a big milestone for me. A big, happy, wonderful, stressful, life-altering milestone. 7 months later I'm asking, "what's next?" Life is so much more straightforward when all my energy is put towards accomplishing a major task. Once the task is over I'm left feeling confused and purposeless. So...GRAD SCHOOL, YEAH!

2. I moved to Utah. This contributes positively towards my 7/10 scale because I am now living near family which is a huge blessing. It also contributes negatively because, well, now I'm living in Utah. My skin is parched, the air is toxic, the people don't know how to drive, and I've almost hit like 148359302 5 deer. So I guess that's just a neutral point on my scale.

3. I had my first teaching calling! Yikes! But in all honesty, I really enjoyed it. I'm now keeping my fingers crossed th…