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I decided to start my new year by deactivating my facebook account and deleting instagram from my phone. It's been a necessary break the last 3 months. Since doing the social media purge I have found that I suddenly have more time on my hands! Whodathunk? I'm currently reading Sally Bedell Smith's "Elizabeth the Queen," I'm exercising more, and I'm dabbling in creative writing. I'm hoping that as I return to the digital social world over the next few months that I manage to strike a balance between keeping up with my friends who I don't see very often, yet not feeling the need to "keep up" with them, if you know what I mean.

Lastly, in the new year I am looking for more ways to enrich my life. SO, I'm going to London and Paris in May. Just booked my tickets last month! I'm going with a friend from work who has never been out of the country. I've already been to France and England, but I love England so much I could go again a…