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This blessed plot...

My, how good it felt to be back in England. On our descent into Heathrow I kept pinching myself. It just didn't seem real! 3 years go I laid plans for a graduation trip to the UK, but with grad school applications and pre-req's to complete, plus no travel buddy to come with me, I just didn't see how I was going to make it happen.

Thankfully, I met Ashley. While in the break room at work one day, she mentioned that she wanted to travel, and finally felt like she was in a position to do so (recently divorced, newfound freedom, etc...). We talked to our manager the next week about taking a couple weeks off in May, and then before we knew it we were booking flights and making reservations for afternoon tea in Hyde Park. 

All in all, the trip went very smoothly. I felt very proud in my ability to navigate London, interacting as pleasantly as I could with the locals. I was desperate to prove that not all Americans are obnoxious morons like our current president.  

Still, Ashley …